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Tinto (tin-toe): Colombian definition, black coffee (normally with sugar)

Mum’s Sewing

Soraya Ocampo

Soraya is a single mum who came to the UK around twelve years ago. She has worked as a cleaner for the last few years, her experience and excellent work has led her to work in the maintenance department of a very important building. She takes her time off to keep working on Mum’s Sewing, her personal and professional projects.

Soraya smiling next to her sewing machine
Soraya’s workplace

Although she feels happy and proud of her job, her main dream is to have her own business one day. This is why she started working on her sewing skills, as she enjoys creating her own fashion items. For example, she has designed beautiful dolls for children and bodysuits for babies. Still, her work has lately been focused on nightclothes such as pyjamas and sleep masks.

Soraya is sewing while smiling
Soraya makes handmade clothes for her customers.

Soraya has sold custom-made fashion items for babies and women. She is currently studying a selling training course to learn how to promote her fashion items and have her own successful business. She feels very confident in her high-quality products, and she is looking forward to creating her brand one day.

mums handmade pjs and sleep masks
Her products include pyjamas and sleep masks

She has a space at her home dedicated to her business goal. She has all she needs, including all types of fabrics, to keep creating unique pieces and experimenting with materials, shapes and styles.

variety of handmade clothes on the table
Soraya loves working with different fabrics and styles.

Soraya is currently working on her website and social media platforms to expand her growing business even further and make her dream come true.

How to contact Soraya?

If you would like to purchase one of her handmade pyjamas or sleep masks you can contact her by:

Sending an email to pitanel@hotmail.com.