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Is South America a country?

Does South America have a capital?

The quick answer is NO, South America is not a country. Therefore, NO, we don’t have a single capital.

The (kind of) long answer is that South America is part of a continent, in some countries, they consider it an entire continent. When I was in primary school (in Colombia), I was taught that there were only five continents. These continents would be Africa, Europa, Asia, America and Australia/Oceania. However, when I came to live in Europe, I realised that not the entire planet agrees with the same geography (weird, right?). Here is an article I found about continents.

South America is divided into 12 different beautiful countries. A fun fact is that Brazil is the largest one and Suriname is the smallest one. In every country, we can find a variety of food, products, and fashion such as the ones we mention on our website.

Rio de Janeiro shown from above
Rio de Janeiro

The next question would be: Is South America part of Latin America?

First of all, I’d like to let you know that, at Tinto at Five, I use Latin America to define the countries in the Americas where Spanish or Portuguese is currently the dominant language. However, maybe not everyone agrees with this definition, and we are completely fine with that : -).

Based on the definition mentioned above we consider South America as part of Latin America. However, there are some countries in South America that don’t have Spanish or Portuguese as a dominant language, such as Guyana and Suriname. And that’s what I think makes South America even more interesting.

At some point, I would like to write about Guyana, Suriname, Haiti, and all the different countries that are part of the American continent (North America and South America continents). So, I owe you proper research on this, and at some point, I’ll write about these countries. If you’re from any of these amazing countries please help me to learn about your country and culture, as I would like Tinto at Five’s blog to be about community and personal experiences, instead of me just talking random facts from books and articles.

Thank you for reading xx

Please contact me if you would like me to feature your country.