Tinto at Five

Tinto (tin-toe): Colombian definition, black coffee (normally with sugar)

Dishes & Desserts

Latin American dishes and desserts vary depending on the nation. Some typical Latin American dishes include maize-based dishes such as tacos, arepas and pupusas. Also, some dishes include salsas and condiments like guacamole and pico de gallo and a famous sauce called sofrito, a sauce made of tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, garlic onion and herbs. Some Latin American beverages include fresh fruit juices, coffee, mate, horchata, chica and cacao. And Latin American desserts are delightful, like dulce de leche, alfajores and tres leches cake.

Where can you try Latin American gastronomy?

You can enjoy delicious Latin American traditional dishes in the local places and restaurants below:

CEO, Metch, and his butcher's business team.

Martinez Butcher’s

Martinez Butcher’s is a family butcher store. They’re known in the area for offering high-quality meat and a variety of Latin American products to their customers. | Seven Sisters, Tottenham

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Doris smiling and Venezuelan flag next to her

Los Chamos

Los Chamos is a Venezuelan restaurant run by Doris. Her restaurant was initially open as a take-away only. Still, she recently opened a dining area due to her increase in popularity. | Elephant & Castle, Southwark

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Jose and his wife smiling inside la barra de pito

La Barra de Pito

La Barra de Pito is a family restaurant located in Elephant & Castle. They’ve been serving delicious traditional Colombian food (including tasty pastries) for the last seven years. | Elephant & Castle, Southwark

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Dr. Juice CEO, John Barra, and his team member

Dr Juice

Dr Juice serves healthy and flavourful smoothies, juices, and vegan dishes. It is owned by John Barra, who ensures that every customer gets all the benefits that healthy options can offer. | Elephant & Castle, Southwark

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Diana and her coffee shop in the background

Coma y Beba

Coma y Beba is a Colombian coffee shop located at Elephant Square. It offers popular Latin American snacks and a variety of distinctive Colombian coffee. | Elephant & Castle, Southwark

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Botellon Latino CEO, Fabian and his team

Botellon Latino

Botellon Latino is a Colombian restaurant located in Seven Sisters, Tottenham. It is a popular restaurant in the area due to its tasteful dishes and unique decoration. | Seven Sisters, Tottenham

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