Tinto at Five

Tinto (tin-toe): Colombian definition, black coffee (normally with sugar)

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Botellon Latino CEO, Fabian and his team

Botellon Latino

Fabian Catano

Botellon Latino is a Colombian restaurant located in Seven Sisters, Tottenham. This local restaurant opened over two years ago and has been serving delicious traditional Colombian dishes. Its many varies from bandeja paisa to cazuela de mariscos as well as tasty desserts.

Colombian art as decoration

Tell us about you

My name is Fabian Alberto Catano. I was born in Medellin, Colombia, and I’m the CEO of Botellon Latino. Since I lived in Colombia, I have been managing different businesses as I enjoy meeting new people and offering excellent customer service. My work experience and the community inspired me to open my restaurant.

tables, chairs and the Colombian desserts area

Tell us about any challenge you have faced along with your professional life

It was challenging to start a new business in the U.K. because I lacked English communication skills. Therefore, I had to work on learning this new language. And once I started building my business, I haven’t stopped growing professionally and achieving different professional and personal goals every day.

front view of the Botellon Latino

Tell us about something that you’re very proud of

I’m very proud of my business as I’m always trying to reflect the Colombian culture. I want to bring back some beautiful memories to the Colombians in London. Also, new memories to people who haven’t visited this beautiful country before. Therefore, everyone can experience the Colombian culture and its gastronomy.

“I feel proud of showing the culture and gastronomy of Colombia to the Colombians who miss their country, as well as people who haven’t visited this beautiful country before.”

— Fabian Catano

Where can we find you?

Visit my local restaurant

260-262 High Road,
Seven Sisters,
N15 4AJ

Opening Hours

Monday: 10.00am – 6.30pm
Wednesday to Saturday: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Tuesday and Sunday: Closed

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+44 7539738930